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The Business of Engineering in Medical Device Manufacturing


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Medical device manufacturers are struggling to manage the ever-increasing complexity of modern products. Product documents and data are being managed with relatively simple tools, such as Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.

While these applications are heavily used at manufacturing companies throughout the world, they do not provide engineers with overview, easy accessibility, and traceability over product documents and data.

This webinar addresses the way in which robust system behavioral modelling can be integrated with downstream design practices to produce better, safer products. It is intended, through discussion of the latest advancements in system-level thinking, to help inform senior engineering professionals responsible for the cross-discipline life cycle of their products.


Key takeaways


  • How to improve efficiency in controlling and managing complex data structures
  • How to secure and improve traceability
  • How to improve visibility and processes
  • How to secure a complete audit trail in one system

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