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The Business of Engineering in Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturers today are struggling to manage the ever-increasing complexity of modern products. They have become systems whose product designs require a mix of hardware, software, electronics and/or firmware. Managing the system view of a product has traditionally been done with relatively simple tools, such as Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.

To succeed and win against sophisticated competitors, companies must excel at “The business of engineering in medical device manufacturing”, by verifying their system’s behavior and design as products progress through definition, development and the complete post-manufacturing product lifecycle.

Otherwise, product quality issues will emerge, putting brands, companies, and their stakeholders at risk.

Interested in the Business of Engineering in medical device manufacturing?

Read more about how integrating MBSE and PLM can enable medical device organizations to excel at verifying the behavior and design of their systems. 


Free Webinar 

This webinar addresses the way in which robust system behavioral modeling can be integrated with downstream design practices to produce better, safer products. It is intended, through discussion of the latest advancements in system-level thinking, to help inform senior engineering professionals responsible for the cross-discipline lifecycle of their products.