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Why You Should Watch Minerva PLM TV


Long a fan of blogs, podcasts, and generally any information I can get my hands on – I decided to join the fun and started a webshow, Minerva PLM TV.

Why? You might ask.

Throughout the last nearly two decades I’ve met a lot of amazing people with incredible talent and insight. No matter what company they work for or Product Lifecycle Management or other solutions they believe in, they all share one thing in a common – a deep drive to improve the world around them and help people connect and do better work - together. There are as many ideas about how to achieve this goal as there probably are people on this planet.

So over the next few months and maybe longer, I’ll be bringing to you real people sharing real stories about how to work with technology to connect processes and people. You can expect practical tips, real life examples, and solutions to everyday challenges.

For example, in the first episode Diana Smith, an IT project management veteran with roots in design engineering brings you practical tips and tricks for increasing IT project success via organizational change management. Organizational change management, or OCM for short, can be a massive undertaking.

But Diana breaks it down into five manageable, easy to digest points:

  1. Stakeholder Management
  2. Project Governance and Strategy
  3. Communication
  4. Learning and Acceptance
  5. Sustaining and Maintenance

 With a big focus on communication.

Why exactly do we need OCM anyway? As Diana states, OCM brings structure and communication to the technology project – really getting people involved – and understanding the impact of the change allows the business to be properly prepared.

Join us to find out more about the #1 cause of IT projects failing, and how you can begin to use or increase use of OCM to help you succeed with your next project. Then like and subscribe to the channel to be alerted about new content aimed at helping you succeed.

And as always, have a question you’d like to be answered? Comment below or send me a message at

About the author

Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore has more than 15 years of experience in Business Transformation across different industries. Her extensive experience includes helping companies navigate complex regulatory requirements through software solutions. She has been developing and deploying large, multi-faceted enterprise software project, driving revenues as well as market adoption.

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