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How to integrate Solidworks 3D CAD with Aras Innovator


Integration between your CAD and your PLM is important and can increase the total value delivered by your enterprise systems. Of course, each of these systems requires the data to support its own business processes and each system requires the data to be formatted to the system’s specifications in order for each system to consume the data.

Without integration, businesses are left with relying on people to populate downstream business systems and that quickly creates non-value-added tasks for each employee and possible data discrepancies between the systems.

An integration’s most valuable aspects are its abilities to:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Enforce data consistency
  • Enforce data integrity

These are achieved by reducing the points of data entry and pushing the data to the appropriate system at the appropriate time using software instead of people.

In this video, I will demonstrate how an integration between Solidworks 3D CAD and Aras Innovator looks like, using the integration tool.

This integration point will process the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design and build the representative records and relationships as well as store the files in the Aras Innovator PLM system. PLM can then used to the review and approve the design.


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Slavko has high energy with the atitude to solve complex business problems using an innovative approach. Practitioner of latest software and product management processes that drives continual adaptation product to market fit. He has mastery knowledge of manufacturing process planning, execution and quality process. Solid understanding of modern and legacy software architectures and technologies including J2EE, JavaScript, RDBMS, Non-relational DB, HTML5, JQuery Cordova (PhoneGap), C, C++ along with many others.

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