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Can PLM be scaled down for SMB’s? Let´s look under the bonnet of Minerva PLM!


Everything seems to be working in PowerPoint presentations these days in the PLM industry. Along with ourselves and Aras, launching Minerva PLM for smaller and medium manufacturers, most PLM vendors are trying to or are already diving into this market – Autodesk, Dassault, Siemens and PTC.

Earlier this month, we released Minerva PLM, a solution that has been used by electronic & high-tech and medical device companies for more than 8 years under the names Minerva Medical Device PLM and Minerva Electronic PLM.

So, we are offering a business-ready solution that has proven its functionalities with SMB manufacturers.

But to ensure you that Minerva PLM is much more than just a PowerPoint sales deck, I would like to invite you to take a look under the bonnet and see how our customers achieve value with our applications.

Please feel free to reach out to me. I would be more than happy to show how Minerva PLM is performing in the field and generating positive results for our customers.

Below, you will find some examples of the product components inside Minerva PLM that I would like to show you:


Deliverable management - Tag Book

The deliverable management enables you to manage deliverable throughout the development process and automatically placing it in documentation structures like the DHF/DMR for medical, PPAP for automotive or any other documentation structure. In addition, being able to baseline and make changes to the entire deliverable structure and process is another key capability to ensure the traceability and governance required.


Traceability Matrix

Getting an overview from the design input (requirements) all the way to the design output (test & verification) is the capability of the traceability matrix. Getting this visibility across the digital thread is often a time-consuming job and critical for compliance reasons where the traceability matrix will vastly improve the ease of getting that overview.


Collaboration with external manufacturing partners

Many companies operate with outsourced manufacturing partners, where they design the product themselves but send the design to an external manufacturer for production. Having an efficient way of generating the packaged of information needed for manufacturing partners, being able to ship it and lastly providing an offline client in which the documentation package can be viewed.


Risk Management

Managing risk in the context of the product, regulations like ISO 14971 and ISO 13485 and the related product data is important, as well as having insight in the decisions and processes made to mitigate the identified risks and lower the risk numbers. Managing the risk file and the risk assessment as an integrated part of the PLM system provides very tangible benefits for our customers.


Light integration of eCAD

Getting data from eCAD into Aras in an efficient way without a full deep integration to eCAD is a part of the Minerva PLM.


Product Copying function

One of our customers, engineering to order/configure to order company wanted to have an advanced product copying function that they could use as a starting point for the fulfillment of a new order from a customer. Starting from a similar product from an earlier order is the way of operating and that then required an advanced copying function in which you could define what part of the product should be carried over and which should be a new design.


BOM/Structure compare

We have a very engaged community around our solution, and one of the most common requests from our customers has been to build a BOM/Structure compare function that is able to visualize the differences between different revisions of a structure and the data in the structure. We listened, and has incorporated the feedback, so now our solution is able to provide our customers with a Structure Compare that can be used to compare any structures, not only Bill of Materials, and let the users decide how deep the compare should be.


So, the choice is yours. I’d be happy to showcase the mentioned features here or any other of our PLM capabilities.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

About the author

Thomas Skogen

Thomas is an expert in Supply Chain and Manufacturing Optimization with more than 10 years of experience originating from Medical Device and High-Tech & Electronic Industries. He comes with a background as an Electronics engineer, complimented with a Master in Technology Management. Thomas has held positions in multinational corporations such as Nilfisk, heading the internal optimization program as well as the supply chain organization.

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