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Why Minerva PLM, Powered by Aras


It seems like yesterday we decided to become an Aras partner and reseller of the Innovator platform. Having decided to focus on Aras and the Innovator platform back in 2008 was not without risk. But it was the right decision. With the recent announcement - Aras and Minerva Group Announce Strategic Partnership for Minerva PLM – both companies have tied their knots even closer together.

The joint decision to offer a new PLM solution is based on the belief that by combining the world’s most flexible and resilient PLM platform with the highly successful industry templates – the Medical Device PLM and the Electronic PLM –midmarket manufacturers now have a PLM offering that is business-ready.


About our highly successful industry templates

Minerva has over the latest decade developed dedicated industry-specific solutions based on the Aras Innovator platform, having customers all over Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the USA. The flexibility of the system is impressive, reaching from small medium-size customers with 50 users to global corporations having more than 5000 users.

To be clear, our industry-specific modules have been our flagship for the last five years, not because of what we are doing but because of what our customers are accomplishing and the vibrant community they have created. Your feedback and your great ideas are driving how we are re-imagining our PLM offering for midmarket manufacturers, simplifying powerful data management processes, as well as expanding the use cases covered by Minerva industry templates. At the end of 2019 more than 40 new individual customers have implemented these modules to optimize their processes. We are committed to our open community and will continue to be 100% community-driven.


A new PLM product for mid-market manufacturers

Due to the great success of these modules, they have now been further enhanced to a degree that it deserves its own brand, Minerva PLM. That is why Minerva Group and Aras Corp. Now has decided to take the Minerva solutions to the next level releasing the most comprehensive upgrade of the software under the name, Minerva PLM, powered by Aras.

Importantly, as we move forward, we remain committed to our customers, both existing and new. You are the main reason how we got to this stage. And that is why we are even more thrilled to show you our new product that will be launched on March 1st, 2020.

About the author

Asger Thierry

Asger Thierry brings over 25 years of experience in organizational and market development, with a tight focus on sales excellence and sound financial performance. With an Electronic Engineering background combined with a commercial degree and an ICF coaching education, Asger held management positions within sales and marketing in Alcatel, Honeywell Bull, Siemens, Lectra Systems, and Hewlett Packard before he founded Minerva in 1995.

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