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We are launching Minerva PLM


Earlier this month my company Minerva Group announced a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) offering to the market, Minerva PLM, a solution that is geared to the needs of small and midsized (SMB) product companies.

This solution is not new. It has been operating under a different name for more than 8 years and has been serving companies in the Electronic and High-Tech and Medical Device sectors with great success.

We decided to merge the two industry templates into a complete solution. The solution leverages the power of the Aras Innovator platform while simplifying PLM adoption with a flexible subscription offering deployable at a pace that matches the need of smaller and midsized companies.


Cross-departmental approach

Recognizing that many SMB organizations may lack dedicated IT staff but still want to adopt a proven PLM environment, Minerva Group specifically designed Minerva PLM to enable team collaboration and data management, either in the cloud or in any other setup that fits each company.

This flexible offering eliminates the typical, but risky, SMB practice of shared folders and file naming conventions which hamper product development. With more effective and reliable data sharing, customers can improve product development across teams in different locations, teams working with varying CAD applications, and with external teams such as partners and suppliers who are a growing part of the product development process


Powerful data management and documentation processes simplified

For too long Medical Device companies have struggled with inefficient data management and documentation processes. With Minerva PLM, we help these companies with their challenges by optimizing their processes and providing industry-tailored system support.

Specific benefits of Minerva PLM are:

  • Security - Minerva PLM’s cloud environment is compliant with ISO 27001:2013 which outlines standard protocols for information security management.
  • Availability - Minerva PLM is based on the existing Electronic PLM and Medical Device PLM which achieves 99.5% availability.
  • Speed - Minerva PLM performance has been optimized for distributed teams.
  • Time-to-Value - Minerva PLM enables rapid PLM adoption and accelerated product development processes, enabling improved on-time delivery.
  • Total Cost of Ownership - Minerva PLM allows for reduced technology acquisition and system administration costs.

Overall, Minerva PLM is a true fully-featured PLM offering, including multi-CAD data management and collaboration. And we are excited to bring real, proven PLM to even more SMB product companies. Without needing to worry about system administration, they can focus on what matters most – their business.

If you want to know more about how Minerva can help improve the processes in your Medical Device company, please contact me at

About the author

Thomas Skogen

Thomas is an expert in Supply Chain and Manufacturing Optimization with more than 10 years of experience originating from Medical Device and High-Tech & Electronic Industries. He comes with a background as an Electronics engineer, complimented with a Master in Technology Management. Thomas has held positions in multinational corporations such as Nilfisk, heading the internal optimization program as well as the supply chain organization.

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