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Is your company ready for powerful and simplified PLM? Get the hints here


Planning to implement a new PLM system? Or even your first PLM system? Then you should know about its importance and benefits.

Of all of the benefits of implementing a PLM solution like Minerva PLM, the most significant one is the way it can help improve your productivity, processes, data visibility and ultimately the profitability of your company.

In short, a PLM system removes all the hurdles of integrating numerous types of systems. Historically, the implementation time of a PLM system can be expensive and time-consuming but the progressive results that a PLM system brings to your business over time outweigh the expenses and the time you spent behind it.

How can you then determine whether you could benefit from a PLM system like Minerva PLM?

Your company is most likely ready to be PLM-ready when:


It is taking too long to find the right information

It is certainly an inconvenience when an employee requires to manage a pile of paperwork. Nobody enjoys keeping note of daily engineering activities or product data manually. It surely slows down the business process trying to look for the right information when required.

Now when you manage company information manually, there is a risk of you to misplace that information. This results in waste of valuable time trying to look for the information you need. So, implementing PLM will help you overcome this issue by automating the document and information management method in the same system.


Insufficient and inaccurate data affecting your company performance

Due to maintaining company data manually, there is also a risk of having insufficient or inaccurate company data. Calculating exact figures is very difficult with such manual method. Not only it provides inconsistent data of figures, but also creates trouble while retrieving your company’s true performance chart.

But implementation of a PLM solution helps you to store and manage company data accurately. You will always have enough data to assess the performance of your company.


Regular mismanagement of collaboration between departments and external supply chains

With the vast growth of a company, the biggest challenge that it faces is to be able to manage its collaboration between departments and external supply chains. Having to manage collaboration between engineering, manufacturing, and the R&D department may prove to be quite difficult within the company. Failure to manage collaboration between these departments may seriously hurt the company’s efficiency and productivity, but also the quality of your products.

A PLM solution enables you to manage external collaboration – between departments, manufacturing sites and external supply chains – by managing data in one database. This certainly keeps you updated with the current information You will have peace of mind knowing that all these things are now easily accessible both for your team and your stakeholders.

A PLM system also enables you to say goodbye to manual data entering, re-inputting fallacious data, transferring data to other systems and information cross-checking. This enhances the company’s productivity promoting less delay in completing the given task on time.

So, hopefully, these points have given you some guidance in determining whether your company should consider looking into a PLM system.


Why consider Minerva PLM:

Minerva has over the latest decade developed dedicated industry-specific solutions based on the Aras Innovator platform, having customers all over Europe, Asia and the USA. The flexibility of the system is impressive, reaching from small medium-size customers with 50 users to global corporations having more than 2000 users.

As a natural extension of the success with the Minerva solutions, Minerva and Aras Corporation has decided to take the Minerva solutions to the next level releasing it as a unique product called Minerva PLM powered by Aras.

With Minerva PLM you get a powerful yet simplified PLM solution that is ready to perform out-of-the-box, enabling you to reap the benefits of the solution.

About the author

Leon Lauritsen

Leon has worked with multiple IT systems from ERP to BI and PLM. His experience ranges all the way from programming to business consulting, project management and business development. Leon started his career in IT development and has further earned a diploma in IT and Economics at Copenhagen Business School and an Executive MBA at Henley Management College.  

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