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The start of the journey


It is funny to think back. It is more than 2 decades ago, Minerva was founded. From the very first day, our focus was put on optimizing the business for our customers through technology, working with the hottest tools available on the market.

And I still remember some of the things we agreed upon when we started the company:

  • If we start this company, it should not be like any other start-up. This company is designed to last. We are here to stay.


Born with the ambition to optimize business

What made the difference was our mindset. Tools change over time, but our mindset remains the same:

Optimize our customer’s processes through our products and thereby increase our customer’s competitiveness

That proved to be a successful recipe. Still, we always kept an eye on what would become the business tool of tomorrow. And in 2008, the next turning point came for Minerva.

Why we decided to invest in #Aras

Having worked with ERP systems as well as lean and flow optimization, one thing became clear to us. A lot of the challenges manufacturing companies were dealing with, originated from the development of the product long before the product hit the factory floor.

We, therefore, decided to move into the PLM space. We had a serious look at the players in the PLM market and experienced that the world of PLM software solutions was dominated by various legacy vendors; But in 2000, a new challenger stepped up to the scene, Aras.

The go-to-market strategy was dramatically different than the competition with a subscription-based license model, as well as the technologic foundation was unique allowing Aras to offer upgrades of the customer's installation, no matter how much the system was configured/modified – an offer that stood out as the only PLM vendor to do this, and now ten years later the technology still stands out as quite unique.


A very successful partnership

Today, Minerva is the most successful and experienced Aras partner. We know that we are working with the hottest tool in the PLM market today.


The journey continues

Another thing, I am very proud of is that we are truly a team in Minerva. No one puts himself ahead of the others. It is always a team effort. That it is the unique Minerva mindset that sets us apart. It is our company DNA that has laid the foundation for our success.

We are not here to chase growth. We are here to stay for eternity. That is what it takes.

Now, two decades later, we are truly an international organization. We have daughter companies around Europe and in the US. And a financial foundation, most companies would envy.

We have stayed true to our founding principles. And that has really been paying off.


The demand for our products and services is growing and so is our organization. The next chapter in the story of Minerva is about to unfold. Now, I look forward to the next chapter in our journey.

About the author

Asger Thierry

Asger Thierry brings over 25 years of experience in organizational and market development, with a tight focus on sales excellence and sound financial performance. With an Electronic Engineering background combined with a commercial degree and an ICF coaching education, Asger held management positions within sales and marketing in Alcatel, Honeywell Bull, Siemens, Lectra Systems, and Hewlett Packard before he founded Minerva in 1995.

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