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Joining Medtronic in the effort to save lives, Minerva’s response to Covid-19


Late last week, I read several articles regarding the acute need for ventilators across the globe. The US was shipping to hospitals in rounds from an emergency supply, the New York Time’s highlighted the crisis in Italy, British competitors joined forces to pump out more machines to produce ventilators, and so it goes.

As I was surfing around looking for a way to contribute to the solution instead of worrying about the problem, I stumbled upon the Medtronic Covid19 response landing page. Here, Medtronic announced its release of the design documentation for the Puritan Bennett™ 560 (PB 560) free for anyone to use to help the effort to save lives. The PB 560 is a compact, lightweight, and portable ventilator that provides airway support for both adults and children.

“Medtronic recognizes the acute need for ventilators as life-saving devices in the management of COVID-19 infections. We know this global crisis needs a global response. Over the past few weeks, we have ramped up production of our Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilators. But we also know we can do more, and we are,” said Bob White, executive vice president and president of the Minimally Invasive Therapies Group at Medtronic. “By openly sharing the PB 560 design information, we hope to increase global production of ventilator solutions for the fight against COVID-19.”

I immediately downloaded all of the documentation and reached out to let Medtronic know we’d be contributing since taking all the documentation, understanding it to a level where you can produce it, is not easy when having to go through file after file. We believe having the data in an easy to navigate, ready to use structure helps companies quickly adopt the design data released by Medtronic to manufacture the ventilator as quickly as possible; especially for smaller companies.

With this goal in mind, Minerva, Aras Corporation, and Essig PLM teamed up to load and structure the ventilator design data in Minerva PLM Powered by Aras for medical devices and are providing the solution at no cost to manufacturers. For more information and to get approved for free access, apply here.  

About the author

Leon Lauritsen

Leon has worked with multiple IT systems from ERP to BI and PLM. His experience ranges all the way from programming to business consulting, project management and business development. Leon started his career in IT development and has further earned a diploma in IT and Economics at Copenhagen Business School and an Executive MBA at Henley Management College.  

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