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Optimizing Business

With many customers worldwide, Minerva Group is one of the most flexible and fastest-growing vendors of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions globally. Our core competence of providing manufacturing organizations with tools for managing products’ development throughout their complete value chain, supports them in their pursuit of process efficiency and flow of collaboration.

Our industrial solutions and add-ons for Aras Innovator help our clients to speed up the implementation process with best practices and provide them with the means to support their constant growth. As a result of our own growth at Minerva Group, we are looking for people keen on working with some of the most talented engineers to shape the future of implementing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in manufacturing organizations across the globe!



With the fast tempo of change in today’s business environment, it is essential for organizations to react quickly to the market, have effective supply chain collaboration, and quickly adapt to new technology and customer requirements. Therefore, they need a flexible and resilient system to support and execute their complex processes.

Systems like this should have a solid and at the same time flexible foundation. The Aras solution ensures all business needs can be fully addressed, upgrades are included in the subscription, and has full set of solutions to support the modern industry.

On top of Aras’ solution, Minerva has designed Medical Device PLM and Electronic PLM, which are pre-packed solutions, specially tailored for the unique needs of the organizations within the Medical Device and Electronic High-Tech Industries.

The Aras Model

The subscription model sets Aras apart from other PLM software vendors. You don't need to buy a software license. Instead, you can just download the system from the Aras website and then install, test and evaluate the system without any payment at all to make sure it meets your business needs. And then you can sign a subscription agreement.

Additionally, as a subscriber, all modules & solutions of the software are available from the beginning and there are no additional fees for accessing a module. So, the cost is predictable. It will be the same independent of how much functionality you utilize.

In case you need assistance with configuring or tailoring the software to your business needs, we offer a pay-as-you-go training and consulting, and the annual subscription includes all upgrades and latest versions of the software, as well as customization. And this is truly unique!

So why spend a fortune on licenses before you can even get your hands on the software? Why spend a fortune on upgrading the software? Aras is making it simpler to do PLM!

Empowering communities

Minerva Group is represented in 10 countries with employees from more than 15 nations, so we highly value intercultural diversity and we believe that by supporting local activities we create a better environment for people to improve their lives and develop their true potential. We are committed to our responsibility to help the world around us become a better place for all of us and hopefully with time we will inspire more organizations to join forces and support more causes.

Empowering our employees

We are focused on bringing out the best in people and supporting them on their journey to excellence. Our most successful drive is our culture. By challenging our approach to different business matters and pushing each other’s boundaries, we grow faster and more knowledgeable every day. Honesty and trustworthiness are two of the most important qualities everyone working at Minerva Group possesses. We are always open to discussion and we are not afraid of receiving constructive criticism.

How medical device companies can benefit from a Product Innovation Platform

Our innovation platform solution is specifically built for medical device manufacturers who need every advantage in the complex, fast paced and highly regulated medical device industry.
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